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  • Personal Driving Services
    for Locals and Visitors to Marlborough

    If you're looking to get around the Marlborough region
    and would prefer a friendly, personal driver,
    then you've come to the right place!

  • Friendly

  • Personal

  • Reliable

  • Affordable

  • Why Needed
  • Why Hire a Personal Driver?

  • There are lots of reasons why all types of people, young and old alike, would need / want a personal driver (or companion driver or shuttle service) from time to time:

    • An elderly person who wants a caring driver to assist them.
    • Someone recovering from an injury / surgery.
    • Someone whose car is being repaired.
    • Out-of-town visitors and tourists.
    • Someone who has lost their drivers license.
    • Someone wanting to get home safely after a night out.
    • Someone who wants a personal chauffeur to take them around.
  • for Locals
  • Personal Driving for Locals

  • Do you need to be dropped off or picked up at a particular location?

    Do you have some errands to run?

    Let me help you get around town!

    Amigo Trips offers a variety of personal driving and shuttle services including transfers, drop-offs, pickups and other door-to-door services.

    Contact Amigo Trips to schedule a private driver today.

  • Door-to-Door

    Going to or from:

    • Kids' After-School Activities
    • Kids' Sporting Events
    • Movies / Cinema
    • Social Events
    • The Beach or Swimming Pool
    • Wedding Venue
  • Health & Grooming

    • Beauty Salon Visit
    • Dentist Visit
    • Doctor Visit
    • GP Appointment
    • Hairdresser Appointment
    • Hospital Visit
    • Nail Salon Visit
  • Shopping Trips

    • Clothes Shopping
    • Grocery Shopping
    • Hardware Shopping
    • Holiday Shopping
    • Meal Shopping
    • Medicine Shopping
    • Shoes Shopping
  • Transfer Services

    • Airport Transfer
    • Conference Transfer
    • Cruise Ship / Ferry Transfer
    • Hotel / Motel Transfer
    • Meeting Transfer
    • Restaurant Transfer
    • School Transfer
  • for Visitors
  • Personal Driving for Tourists

  • Enhance your visit to our region with the help of a knowledgeable personal driver. I can pick you up or drop you off at a variety of locations throughout Marlborough.

    Have you booked a tour or a tasting? Many tours have a designated pick-up / drop-off point. Let me take you to or from there.

    For ideas about what to do while you're here, check out this list of Marlborough Must Dos.

  • Cultural Insights

    • Animal Farms / Petting Zoos
    • Art Galleries / Exhibitions
    • Artisan Market
    • Aquariums
    • Farmers' Market
    • Local Events
    • Museums
    • Theatre
  • Rest & Relaxation

    • Bars / Pubs
    • Cafes / Delis
    • Golf Clubs
    • Local Beaches
    • Local Parks
    • Public Gardens
    • Restaurants
    • Scenic Reserves
  • Tours & Tastings

    • Beer Tastings / Tours
    • Boat Cruises
    • Chartered Fishing Trips
    • Cheese Tastings
    • Eco Cruises
    • Nature Tours
    • Wildlife Tours
    • Wine Tastings / Tours
  • Transfer Services

    • Airport Transfers
    • Conference Transfers
    • Cruise Ship Transfers
    • Ferry Transfers
    • Hotel / Motel Transfers
    • Meeting Transfers
    • Restaurant Transfers
    • Wedding Transfers
  • About
  • About Amigo Trips

  • Hi... I'm Luci Pereira. I have combined my two passions of helping people and driving in my new business Amigo Trips.

    I'm originally from Brazil but moved to New Zealand in 2003, over 15 years ago, and settled in Marlborough.

    I'm very excited to offer a personalized shuttle service throughout Blenheim and Marlborough including airport transfers, shopping trips, doctors visits, and other door-to-door services.

    Contact me for assistance with your next trip.